XP Pro Sec TCP/IP, Services -w- Hash rules

Discussion in 'Perl Misc' started by GlowOfSunsetREMOVE@Yahoo.com, Jul 28, 2004.

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    Really need some help here and I am interested in the field.

    These questions are in regard to a standalone system. There is no MS
    Windows Server 2003(etc) domain controller only a standalone Win XP
    Pro system. I am trying to develop or find scripts that make possible
    the rollout of a standalone system more rapidly and still have a very
    secure system. Repeated installation of the same OS, wherein I am
    clicking my way to security is driving me nuts.

    (1) Does anyone know of a few good sites showing scripts using either
    WSH or Perl to control the full range IP ports on a standalone system?
    I would prefer Perl because I know a bit of Perl but will learn/use
    WSH to get the job done.

    In the Microsoft server realm you can easily block off a range of IP
    ports but on a standalone system, which is what I have the same
    functionality does not seem to be available. What I have found is
    that you have to close one port per protocol family(TCP & UDP) at a
    time hence having to create 2*65535 rules - the ports that you want
    open for communications. If I have made an incorrect assumption here,
    which is possible just direct me to the scripts and/or documentation
    revealing that and how to go about implementing the functionality
    desired using a script.

    (2) I would like to control the instantiation of most applications on
    the system with hash rules as a security measure, and others such as
    browsers and antivirus as services as an authenticated user -w- hash
    rules. Any scripts regarding this? There must be several hundred
    applications that come with the OS that have to be tied down,
    everything onboard is being accessed through firewalls despite having
    done my best...has anyone made a script available to the public or do
    I have to roll my own? Any great on-line documentation?

    , Jul 28, 2004
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