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Discussion in 'XML' started by Olivier Ishacian, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. XMLmind XML Editor V3.0 Patch 1 can be downloaded from


    V3.0 Patch 1 (December 2, 2005)


    * DocBook 4.4 is now the version of the DocBook
    DTD which is used by default.

    * XXE_install_dir/doc/rnsupport/config/docbook5/
    now contains a ready-to-use configuration for
    DocBook V5.0b1. Previously, this directory
    contained a configuration which could be used
    to create documents conforming to DocBook NG,
    the "Lillet" release.

    Remainder: do not use this configuration for
    serious work (even if it is almost as usable
    as the normal, DTD-based, configuration). This
    configuration has mainly been created to test
    the support of RELAX NG in XXE.

    * Upgraded DocBook XSL style sheets to
    version 1.69.1.

    * Upgraded Saxon, the XSLT engine used by XXE,
    to version 6.5.4.

    Bug fixes:

    * W3C XML Schema: a xs:keyref identity
    constraint could reference a xs:key identity
    constraint, but not to a xs:unique identity

    * W3C XML Schema: an xs:all group must be the
    topmost group of a content model. Xsdvalid,
    our W3C XML Schema engine, failed to enforce
    this constraint when the xs:all group was
    contained in a xs:group.

    * W3C XML Schema: Xsdvalid, our W3C XML Schema
    engine, allowed element names to contain
    certain invalid characters. For example: it
    allowed to declare:
    <element name="µ-computer"/>.

    * W3C XML Schema: if schema1 includes schema2
    and schema2 imports schema3, schema1 could
    reference components from schema3 without
    necessarily having a
    <xs:import namespace="target namespace of sche
    ma3"/> element.

    * W3C XML Schema: a value like 12.34E56 was
    accepted as being a valid xs:decimal.

    * In "<a
    </a>", string "XML" was not underlined as
    expected. CSS property text-decoration is now
    automatically inherited when an ancestor style
    has property display: inline. This still does
    not make our implementation of property
    text-decoration compliant with the CSS spec,
    but at least, it solves the problem in the
    vast majority of cases.

    * After switching from docbook.css to
    structure.css and then, back to docbook.css,
    the only way to display comments and
    processing-instructions was to restart XXE.

    * The mnemonics found in menu items of
    configuration specific menus (e.g. the DocBook
    menu, the XHTML menu, etc) can now be
    localized. Previously, except for the English
    locale, configuration specific menus could not
    have mnemonics.

    * Menu item Select|Find Element (and the
    corresponding tool bar button) was bound to
    command "xpathSearch [implicitElement]", which
    made this facility non intuitive to use. This
    menu item is now bound
    "xpathSearch [implicitNode]" which should
    improve the situation when a node or element
    has not been explicitely selected.

    * The state of the items of the Tools|Record
    Macro menu was not properly updated after the
    recording of a macro has been aborted (for
    example, after using the mouse to select an
    element during the recording of the macro).

    * Menu item Options|Reload All Configurations
    did not update default bindings.

    * Built-in WebDAV client was not able to list
    the content of a directory containing a file
    locked using the (Subversion) "svn lock"
    command. This bug was triggered by the fact
    that Subversion, as a WebDAV server, does not
    return any information about who is locking a
    file (when this file has been locked using the
    "svn lock" command).

    Technical information:

    * Made support for HTML4 forms, HTML4 tables and
    CALS tables much easier to reuse in document
    types other than XHTML and DocBook. How to do
    this is now documented in XMLmind XML Editor -
    Configuration and Deployment.

    * Added command addBlockInFlow, which is a
    generic version of command xhtml.addBlock.
    Command xhtml.addBlock (which is still
    available) may be used for example to
    intelligently add a p (has a ``block'' content
    model) inside a li (has a ``flow'' content

    * Added command copyChars which works like
    standard command copy (i.e. Ctrl-C), except
    that it only copies characters to the

    Its [separateParagraphs] option allows to
    automatically add line separators after
    ``paragraphs''. However, this automatic
    detection of paragraphs is easily puzzled by
    content models such as XHTML li, div, td

    * Add two new XPath variables for use in

    Allows to copy a string to the
    clipboard and to read a string from
    the clipboard.

    Allows to copy a string to the
    ``system selection'' and to read a
    string from the ``system selection''.

    * The same CSS style sheet can contain now
    several @extension constructs. For example, an
    extension class may be used to style HTML
    tables and an other extension class may be
    used to localize generated content.

    * The URI specified using the standard url()
    pseudo-function may be resolved using XML
    catalogs. Previously this was only the case
    for the URIs referenced in @import.

    * Enhanced process commands:

    + Added a print element which can be used
    to send the PostScript® file by the
    process command to a printer. (This
    facility has been disabled in Standard
    Edition.) Cannot work on the Mac with
    standard Java[tm] 1.4.2 runtime.

    + Added a post element which can be used to
    post multi-part form data to a CGI or to
    a Servlet. (This facility has been
    disabled in Standard Edition.)

    + Added zip and jar elements which can be
    used to created a compressed archive.

    + Added a copy element. Previously, copying
    files and directories required using
    platform dependant shell element.

    + Added attribute recurse to the delete

    + Added subProcess element which can be
    used to invoke another process command
    within a process command.

    * Added command selectPrinter.

    * Added the following macro variables to macro
    commands: %U=User's account name, %H=User's
    home directory, %W=User's current working
    directory, %w=URL of user's current working

    Added the following process variables to
    process commands: %U=User's account name,
    %H=User's home directory (process commands
    already supported %W and %w variables, but
    with semantics slightly different from those
    of the %W and %w variables of macro commands).

    * Added XPath function system-property (part of
    the XSLT 1.0 standard).

    * The FOP plug-in supports a new
    ``pseudo-parameter'' called configuration.
    This pseudo-parameter specifies the absolute
    URL or filename of a FOP user configuration
    file. Such configuration files are useful to
    specify font metrics, hyphenation files, etc.
    More information on FOP's web site.

    Possible incompatibilities:

    * Removed command copyToClipboard which has been
    superseded by new XPath variables clipboard
    and systemSelection.
    Olivier Ishacian, Dec 5, 2005
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