Yellowfin 5.2 Released

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    Enhanced usability

    Yellowfin 5.2 also includes a number of enhancements directly linked
    to usability. New filter options allow commonly used filters to be
    saved for specific reports, and filter sets to be saved in a named
    list within a report. Filter sets applied to analytic dashboards can
    be saved for the length of a users’ session.

    “Filter changes will also make it easier and more intuitive to set-up
    analytic dashboards,” said Yellowfin Product Architect, Peter Damen.
    “Period filters and the ability to alter filter width are both
    included as options for power users [administrators].”

    Changes to the view have made report building faster and more
    instinctive. The source connection of the view can be changed, and a
    new display allows users to see the table from which a view field

    “Yellowfin 5.2 also includes view level converters that allow users to
    convert values at the view level instead of the report level,” said
    Yellowfin Senior Software Engineer, Steve Joynt. “This means that
    those values can then be applied to all subsequent reports, whereas
    before, the values had to be converted separately for each report.
    Filters can also be converted based on time zones to suit user

    The introduction of precautionary view features allows users to
    clearly see all fields that are set to secure. Users are also
    prevented from being able to accidentally delete fields that are in

    The usability of the release is further enhanced with the inclusion of
    new out-of-the-box usage reports. These reports enable organizations
    and administrators to track the frequency with which individual
    reports are accessed, to determine both popular, and redundant report

    At the report level, improvements to the report builder and sub query
    UI make it easier to create queries and sub-queries.

    “Reports are also easier to manage and build, with the ability to tag
    individual reports and search for them by their tag,” said Damen. “A
    new search box allows report fields to be easily searched for in the
    report builder page.”

    The UI has also been restyled, for a modern, sleek appearance that
    improves navigability, and reflects Yellowfin’s maturity as a world-
    class BI solution.

    Improved scalability

    The enhanced scalability of Yellowfin 5.2 makes it easier to adapt to
    the shifting and expanding needs of enterprise reporting.

    “The scalability of a BI solution is critical because if there’s one
    certainty, it’s that a company’s reporting needs will constantly
    change as they grow, and the strategic direction or data collected
    changes,” said Joynt. “Yellowfin 5.2 addresses the need for product
    robustness and easy scalability by making clustering easier,
    introducing the ability to share session tokens across instances, and
    by optimizing Yellowfin’s start-up process to minimize dashboard
    loading time.

    “Security is also paramount to scalability and widespread BI
    deployments, so we’ve improved Yellowfin’s external user
    authentication process. New features automatically log users out from
    mobile devices after 20 minutes of inactivity. Additionally,
    authorized users can also now apply security settings to specific user

    Yellowfin 5.2 also includes a significant OLAP overhaul, with the
    introduction of OLAP4j and support for PALO, BW as well as enhanced
    connectivity for SQL Server 2005+.

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    Jan, Jun 14, 2011
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