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Discussion in 'Java' started by Yellowfin Public Relations, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. What's New Yellowfin Business Intelligence 3.2!

    Powered by J2EE, JFreeChart, Spring, iText, BIRT, Jasper.

    Release 3.2 of Yellowfin is in the pipeline, and we thought we better
    tell you what's in store.

    As we work with our partners and clients we receive some really great
    advice for improving Yellowfin and the Beacon survey is your chance to
    influence what actually gets done! So if you were one of the many
    that completed the latest survey - then thanks (if not then there is
    always next time). Interestingly some of the choices made were not
    necessarily ones we would have picked if left to our own devices, so
    thanks for opening our eyes to these needs.

    Some exciting new features in 3.2 will include:

    * Improved Freehand SQL reports including full formatting, filter and
    charting options that you have come to love in the drag and drop

    * Creating views from store procedures allowing you to utilise these
    for your reporting needs.

    * Bulk user import - for those of you that want to create many new
    users at once.

    * Data trending and forecasting - providing a deeper insight into your

    * New chart developments such as dual axes, improved metre charts and
    a whole lot more formatting. There will even be a few more chart
    types to choose from such as bubble charts which assist to visualise
    depth through the use of a z axis.

    * Improved dashboard tab types such as a KPI page, and anything else
    we can think of to improve dashboard visualisation.

    * Cell note and annotations - this is a very challenging one and I am
    looking forward to see how this will be implemented, some of the ideas
    floating around are pretty cool.

    * And if we have the time we will be updating broadcast administration
    including blackout periods and general administration improvements

    * The good news is that we have already got cracking on some of this
    and are well on track for an early June release.

    We want you to keep giving us your feedback; so don't just wait for
    the next Beacon survey to have your say.
    Log into the Yellowfin forum at and you
    can contribute to the Beacon Wish list at any time.
    All the good ideas will find their way into the next survey, and
    future releases.
    Yellowfin Public Relations, Apr 30, 2007
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  2. Lew

    Lew Guest

    Yellowfin Public Relations wrote:
    > What's New Yellowfin Business Intelligence 3.2!



    Lew, Apr 30, 2007
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