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    Setting the 'estimated time left' during download

    any idea on how to write or set the "Estimated Time Left' in the download wizard?
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    Urgent! Please help: Cannot redirect after http headers have been sent

    Why do we get this error? Remember that a normal page is sent with "200 OK" in its response headers, and a redirect is "302 Object moved". When IIS hits the first piece of HTML output; <HTML> it deduces that this is a standard "200 OK" page and that the browser should be sent output as...
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    Pass parameter to Popup window

    I was able to solve my problem of passing two values to the child page.... Here's what i did.... *********************************************** For the MainPage.aspx......I have the following codes *********************************************** Private Sub...
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    Pass parameter to Popup window

    This works for me.... private void openWindowInjectScript(){ string myScript; myScript = "<scr" + "ipt>'WebForm2.aspx?a=" + txtIdfield.Value + "',null,'height=250, width=250,status= no,resizable= no, scrollbars=no, toolbar=no,location=no,menubar=no'); </scr" + "ipt>"...
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    Help on DropdownList

    This is my exact code............... Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load 'Put user code to initialize the page here If Not IsPostBack Then PopulateDropdownlist() End If...
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    Help on DropdownList

    I have a problem with my dropdownlist...The selectedvalue doesn't change... In my page_load, i have already written the code that will populate the dropdownlist inside the 'if not ispostback then' blocks.... and i have set the autopost property of my dropdownlist to true... And still...
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    DropDownList Problem

    I have a problem with dropdownlist that is SOMEWHAT similar with the above issue.... Here's my case..... ---I have a dropdownlist <asp:dropdownlist id="ddlMediaFormat" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:dropdownlist> ---I need to be able to select a mediaformattype in...