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    JComboBox not visible in JTable

    hii I've managed to get a JComboBox into a single cell in a JTable but it is not visible as a JComboBox unless the user actually clicks on it. I'm assuming it is possible to make this component visible.. Thank you
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    Set Column Width of JTable to fit data

    Hi, I have a JTable with many columns. The data in some columns is narrow and in other columns is wide. The width of the data will depend on user selections in the application. I want the JTable to automatically set the width of the columns based on the width of the data in the columns...
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    Editing in JTable

    I am using jtable as my grid control and display data with in it. now i want to edit cell value that would compare with database value and if there are some changes find then it will save value into database. I am facing problems to edit value in table and compare it to database.How would we add...