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  1. John Joe

    new user

    Hi Nikole, welcome on board :)
  2. John Joe

    HTML Anchor tag not working

    Did you place your connection page in folder(s) ?
  3. John Joe

    illegal start of type

    Put these two line inside main method.
  4. John Joe

    Need feedback from experienced developer when a project grows and git please

    Maybe create few branches so you can switch ?
  5. John Joe

    New Member Introduction

    Hi, welcome on board :)
  6. John Joe

    The power of English

    The correct should be "Please don't sit here".
  7. John Joe

    The power of English

    The first line is the Malay word ,which mean "Don't sit here". But because of a typo, the sentences turn to other meaning.
  8. John Joe

    Class receipt c++

    In init main, constructor expect to have 5 parameters, but you only pass two, that is wrong. Shouldn't it be something like this? class Receipt { private: string storeName; string itemName; string secondItemName; double price; double secondItemPrice; double...
  9. John Joe

    Class receipt c++

    Where is your main method?
  10. John Joe

    Class receipt c++

    Hi, What have you tried so far?
  11. John Joe

    What videos or websites can I use to learn java

    welcome. All the best to your learning journey
  12. John Joe

    Creating a new array based on the existing one

    Hi, what you mean by "create new array without minimum vulue" ? What is your current output and expected output?
  13. John Joe

    I am learning code...

    Welcome on board !
  14. John Joe

    Forum Upgrade

    Look nice!
  15. John Joe

    What videos or websites can I use to learn java

    java T point or w3shool
  16. John Joe

    com.mysql not found error

    What IDE you using? Did you add the jar file to your project ?
  17. John Joe

    Building a team quickly

    maybe github?
  18. John Joe


    Welcome on board.
  19. John Joe

    Git Hub; working with commmand prompt on windows 10

    You need to set the path for the git.