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  1. John Joe

    The power of English

    The first line is the Malay word ,which mean "Don't sit here". But because of a typo, the sentences turn to other meaning.
  2. John Joe

    What you doing at home during this pandemic?

    Are you a student studying programming from home? Are you an employee who is working from home ? Or are you a self-employed freelancer? Has your work shifted during this time? This is so me
  3. John Joe

    This place is not dying yet

    This place is not dying yet as I can see lot of new member sign up. Also, I've noticed few java and html questions. Unfortunately, neither of which I can help with.
  4. John Joe

    Birthday Application

    Hi guys, I am planning to make an app as a birthday gift to my friend , but I have out of idea. Does anyone have idea ? Thanks.
  5. John Joe

    Life is so unpredictable

    Life is so unpredictable :confused:
  6. John Joe


    As times goes by, I still love you
  7. John Joe

    Datatype help

    There are some datatype written as 9(6) and 9(8,2). What are they actually mean ? It is same like INT(6) and DECIMAL(8,2) ?
  8. John Joe

    Java 22 Birthday

    This year is JAVA 22 Birthday :D
  9. John Joe

    New here

    Hi, I'm new here ;)
  10. John Joe

    Why don't have code tag ?

    It would be nice if it allow user to wrap their code using code tag ;)