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    If you want to extend the property of this object to a new object you should write your code in a class and constructor method. Example: class MyObj { constructor(name) { = name; } } const myObj = new MyObj('I am Jhone'); class AnotherObj extends MyObj { constructor(name...
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    Hello All

    Hello Ragnar28! Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy the forum and help others.
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    New Member Introduction

    Thank you
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    New Member Introduction

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    Menu in a separate file

    You need to make a header.php file and put the header code up to <body> tag starting. then include header.php to every file on the top.
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    I am learning code...

    Welcome & happy programming
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    New Member Introduction

    Hello! Awesome people's, I am Imran, I am a new member of this forum and am a newbie web developer, I am learning web programming -JavaScript and PHP. Hope I will get good support from this forum.