403 forbidden error when trying to access a webservice



I have two computers. Both computers have Windows 2003 installed as well
as Visual Studio.Net 2003 installed.

Computer A has active directory set and also has .Net and the webservice
called WebserviceTest with a method called Service1 that only returns
the string "Hello World".

I have enabled Anonymous Access and have a user called ASPNET set up
with normal permissions for this user.

All directory permissions are set. I also have the Scripts and
Executables enabled in the Home Directory.

Computer B also has .Net and a test project called TestWebServices. The
form is called Form1.

Form1 has a textbox and a button.

I set the reference to the webservice and instantiate a variable to
point to it in the Load event. So far so good.

In the Button_Click event, I try to access the web service result and
place the result into the textbox. Instead, I get the 403 Forbidden
error message returned.

I tried changing the Anonymous Access, the permissions and other things
but nothing seems to work. I am presently back to the original setup as
described above.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help given.



Ahh Hah!

Hope this helps

"403 Access Forbidden" when attempting to create an ASP.NET web project

A few weeks ago I had one of those days...

I hosed my development environment, so that every time I attempted to
create a new ASP.NET web application in VS.NET 2003, I would get the
following error message: The Web server reported the following error
when attempting to create or open the Web project located at the
following URL: 'http://localhost/WebApplication1'. 'HTTP/1.1 403
Access Forbidden'.

I could create a web project in VS.NET 2002 without any problem (on the
same machine). Another fun note was that if I created the virtual
directory first in IIS manager, and create a project in VS 2003
pointing to that vdir it would work.

I looked through the MSDN docs, through the news groups, etc., but
couldn't find a way to resolve the issue.

Turns out that I had somehow set my default web site’s Home Directory >
Execute Permissions to None. Once I changed it back to Scripts only,
bingo. VS.NET 2003 was happy.

So if you get a 403 Access Forbidden error message when attempting to
create an ASP.NET web app in VS 2003, take a look at your execute