[ANN] Developer's helper documentation


Eivind Eklund

Jamis (Buck) asked me to announce a couple of documents the RPA team has
been putting together as part of an effort to make it easier to write
good code:


A collection of tips/patterns for good API design in Ruby.


A collection of small checklists for use when doing releases
etc, to help you find areas for improvement and make sure the
release is good.


Good practices for things that are directly related to being
easy to package. The two links above are just intended to be
"generally helpful"; this link actually contains stuff that
influence us directly. The things mentioned here are also
important if you want to be packaged by *other* repackagers,
like FreeBSD, Debian, Gentoo, etc.

We'll be coming back with more supporting documentation etc as time
passes; hopefully the three above are already useful.

And remember: it's in a Wiki for a REASON - feel free to edit for any
reason (including asking questions :)



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