Announcing a re spawned rcairo

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Øyvind Kolås, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Announcing a re spawned rcairo

    rcairo[1] is a cairo[2] extension for ruby.

    Cairo is a resolution and device independent vector graphics drawing
    library, which provides a postscript like drawing model. The release
    contains some simple tests, and some not so simple tests utilizing
    cairo through ruby (samples/canvas contains a small windowing system.


    - PNG writing
    - interactive applications using gtk+ and hardware acceleration.


    The extension is available as a tarball[3] or from cairo CVS[4] see
    the cairo cvs instructions[5] for information on how to get rcairo and
    some of its dependencies from cvs. See the README[6] for spartan build
    instructions, rcairo uses setup.rb and is hopefully easy to wrap up
    for gems and RPA.

    To be done

    - Review API/conventions.
    - patterns (for gradients, and repeating images).
    - binding of cairo-svg for svg rendering support.
    - integration with sdl extension, for easy platform independent
    (albeit not hardware accelerated) use.
    - PDF writing.
    - integration with pango extension, for unicode based text layout capabilities.
    - integration with the native support in gtk+
    - integration with other toolkits?
    - documentation

    Feedback and patches are appreciated, especially regarding how cairo
    code should be used from ruby. Most of the fancy things can be added
    as syntactic sugar, but I am uncertain how to handle for instance
    enumerated values in a good way.


    [1] -
    [2] - - "introduction - cairo"
    [3] - - "download
    location for tarball"
    [4] - - "cairo CVS - directory
    /cvs/cairo : rcairo"
    [5] - - "download - cairo"
    [6] - - "README for rcairo"

    Attachments: a png file, and the ruby script used to generate it, just
    to give a taste of the API, more samples exist in the release. Mail
    with attachments bounced from list, placing the sample at [3] for now.

    Happy drawing.

    /Øyvind K./pippin
    Øyvind Kolås, Feb 8, 2005
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  2. Hello Øyvind,

    I'm shure it is a nice project, but my in-head spam deletion algorithm nearly send my finger to the delete button, because the header line seemed to contain so much noise. "a re spawned rcairo" seemed a bit like "a re you hav1ng your dose of v1agra" to me ;)

    I'm happy to have stopped myself in time, because I think I could need this later.

    best regards,

    Brian Schröder, Feb 8, 2005
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  3. Øyvind Kolås

    Aredridel Guest

    Packaged up in PLD's CVS tree. Delightfully easy to make an RPM of. Good
    clean work!

    Aredridel, Feb 8, 2005
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