App. Pool restart?



Hi All,

We are running a web application that we suspect has a bad code which is
causing it to consume lots of memory and CPU cycles.

We have set the application pool recycle parameters to CPU > 50 and also
virtual memory > 250,000K but the app pool does not seem to be restarted
automatically. Everytime we are forced to restart the pool manually by
killing the process.

Does anyone have any pointers as to why recycling is not being done
automatically? Any resources/techniques to help us pinpoint the code which
is consuming memory and CPU cycles?

Thanks a lot!!



John Timney \(MVP\)

If I recall, if your using win2003 and IIS6 you need to set these values in
IIS's application pool section, not in web.config for your app. I
think the incorrect isolation mode will cause process settings to be ignored
in either IIS or in web.config, so start by checking what your isolation
level is set to..

Also, might be a good idea to try a profiling tool to see if you can trace
the leak. I've not used it but I hear its very good.


Hi John,

We did set the app pool settings in "App Pool" tab of IIS 6.0 adminstration

I am not very sure about the isolation mode. What should be the isolation
mode for the recycling to work?



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