Arcade Game Programming with Python



If you know someone that wants to learn to program their own arcade games, check out:

* 84 free tutorial videos
* Start creating graphics by Chapter 5
* Full text of the book on-line.
* Cookbook of 47 example programs
* On-line multiple choice quizzes track your progress
* Short-answer questions test your knowledge in more depth.
* Labs – see if you understand by creating your own games.
* Sample tests – Test your knowledge.
* Program in Python
* Track, grade, and mentor students' progress through the course

I've put this book together and refined it from year-to-year based on student feedback during their first semester of programming at Simpson College. This is a first-semester course and assumes no prior knowledge of programming. I've successfully run hundreds of students through this course and had them create their own arcade games. Each time I refine the course and use their questions to make the book that much better.

Plus, there are Russian and Turkish translations thanks to some volunteers!


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