ASP:login password



I have a login page with asp:login control (id="lgn1"),
allso i have implemented a custom membership provider.
In my login.aspx i am allso trying to fetch the password, and i am not abl
to get the pasword
anywhere in my login.aspx with lgn1.Password, i get an empty string, but
when i break point in the membership provider
ValidateUser i can see the password,. Is there a way to get to the
password from my login.aspx page, and use the asp:login control?
( reason for password is i need to update data to the authCookie, and need
password to get user, as my users are unique by username and password.
Page.User.Identity.Name returns only username, so useless. Need
Response.Cookies to write the new authCookie which i canot use in membership


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