printing avery labels




I have to print avery labels 5960 using a webpage? How do I accomplish
this with

I know there is a way with word however I'm not going to opt because
people won't have microsoft word installed.

So how would i accomplish this task. Is there some tutorial online for
avery labels and






You probably could get the dimensions off of avery's site, and use
tables to create something that is a fixed width.
I would first try something like
<div style="width:2in; border:1px solid red;">asdfasdfasdf</div>
Put that on a web page and print it out and make sure that it comes to
2 inches. If it does then you may have your work cut out however I do
not know howe well that will work on other browsers or other operating
systems that implement a different DPI, but it is a stepping stone

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