aspnet_wp.exe CPU 100% General Measures?



Hi there, several of our ASP.NET apps started to slow down recently quite a bit and we noticed the aspnet_wp.exe process taking up 100% CPU time. I have heard a little on the hotfix available for the memory issue but after applying it, it did not seem to take care of the CPU time problem although it did knock out what it claimed to like the BrowserCapabilities issue etc. What kinds of simple measures should I take to minimize the CPU usage while this issue is out there. I do have one or two custom object placed into sessions and I do use the cache quite a bit for read-only data that rarely changes such as application configuration details and settings. Is there anything in general that I can try and do to make the aspnet_wp.exe process stop maxing the CPU out? It never did it before, it only began maybe 2 weeks ago, 150-500 people use the app(s) daily at a financial institution and the load hasn't increased dramatically in any way recently. Thanks for any input, I'm curious why the apps ran great before two weeks ago for the last 7 months but now now. Thanks a bunch! PS: We also began having the same issues in our test environments around the same time. Thanks again for your inputs...


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