Browser Compatibility Chart

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by gemblon (t.b.), Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Hi ya.

    Does anybody have a nice browser compatibility chart?
    What works in a what browser? That you use in your
    ruby project?

    Or a link to a site that has one?

    Could have a list of html or css things, and how they handle
    things differently?
    gemblon (t.b.), Dec 14, 2007
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  2. gemblon (t.b.)

    John Joyce Guest

    For perhaps the latest, google "westciv" "css3"
    The westciv guys in Australia stay pretty up to date on that stuff.
    They've even compiled a bit of knowledge on the iPhone's
    implementation. (though much of that is now public from Apple)
    Safari / webkit (including KHTML in KDE ) is going to be the most CSS
    Firefox implements everything itself, rather than using OS specific
    GUI widgets, so it will be consistent across platforms.
    Opera would be number 3 in terms of standards compliance and
    rendering, but tends to be less stellar than the above in terms of
    IE 7 is as good as MS has ever gotten at this sort of thing, but
    still falls way short of all of the above.

    Also from Australia, the publisher SitePoint tends to have the best
    reference books on this stuff. (most concise in my opinion)

    But if you want the short version, pick up the latest version of
    Bullet Proof Web design. Anybody doing web design should have that
    book in their possession!!!
    John Joyce, Dec 14, 2007
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  3. thanks a bunch....
    gemblon (t.b.), Dec 15, 2007
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