Callback not working following a postback



Hi All,

I have a aspnet page that collects some simple data from the user. I
have implemented 1 of the fields as a "cascading combo box" (a pair of
drop down lists, where the second is populated based on the selection
made on the first). In ASP1.1 this was implemented using a postback
which occured when the user changed the first combo.

Now ASP2.0 has arrived, I have changed this implementation to use the
new Callback feature. This works great when you first get to the page.
However, if the user hits the save button (or does any thing else that
causes a PostBack) subsequent Callbacks do not occur as expected.

This is what I am seeing:
The client triggers the Callback. The Page_Load event fires on the
server, but the Page.IsCallback property returns false and neither the
RaiseCallbackEvent or the GetCallbackResult methods are called.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance





OK I got there in the end. The page i was using also had
SmartNavigation="true" in the Page directive. This attribute (as far as
I can tell) has been deprecated in ASP.Net2.0. When I set this
attribute to false all my callbacks work as expected. The reason I had
the SmartNavigation set to true in the first place was because i wanted
to maintain the scroll position of the page on postback. I was able to
use the new MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback attribute of the page
directive instead, and all is working fine now!

Phew a happy ending :)