create a file in web service



My environment is Windows XP SP2.

I created a web service, then added

authentication mode="Windows", identity impersonate="true" in its config file.

I disabled Anonymous access for the WS in Authentication Methods in
Directory Security and select Integrated Windows authentication

In the web service there is a function to save data to a text file.

In VS 2005 IDE, I created a test win app that calls the function in the web

I stepped in the web service and when ran the statement in the web service

System.IO.Stream sm = new System.IO.FileStream(c:\temp\test.txt,

It threw

Access to the path 'C:\\temp\test.txt' is denied.

I ran the WS with my log in and I checked ACL on the file and found out
that I have full access on it.

Can you help?




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