DataGrid - Custom queries?

Jun 26, 2006
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I am trying to create a new column in my DataGrid. I would like this column to be a TemplateField. This field for example should have a TextField and a Button. When the button is pressed I want to run a query with the data from that row (ie the primary key) and the data in the TextField mentioned above. This query should not be one of the Select, Update, Insert, Delete functions. Ie - I would like to create an additional query, and have this button call this query (much like the Update button would call the Update query).

Does anyone have any advice for this?

I've followed the following steps to get this far:
-Add New Item > DataSet
-Created the Select, Update, Insert and Delete queries - as well as another query that I want to be able to access but have no idea how to.

-Add New Item > Web form
-Added DataGrid (from toolbox)
-Added a new datasource that connects to the DataSet
-Enabled editing,deleting,updating
-Added a new Template column
-Put a Button in it

I hope this is descriptive enough.
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