DDR/SDR-SDRAM Bank Switching Doubt

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by Abdul K Shaik, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Hi All,

    In a DDR - SDRAM or in SDR - SDRAM with a single device(not DIMM)

    is the following Command sequence is valid?

    Assuming 4 BANK DRAM, Burst Length = 8, Sequential
    Can a WRITE/READ command be issued to an alternate bank (B), while the
    Bank A is PRECHARGING?
    if this valid then will there be any gaps on DQ bus for READ/WRITE

    i.e is it possible to issue read/write to keep the DQ bus always
    occupied with data without any dead/overhead cycles.?
    Is it possible to have the DQ bus with read/write data while one of
    the BANK is precharing.?

    is it possible to completely hide the over head of opening the row and
    closing a row in a particular bank with open/close of an another
    row/bank while keeping the DQ bus always busy with data.?

    Can WRITE B/READ B follow a PRECHARGE A without meeting the row
    precharge time for BANK A?

    Any info. on DDR/SDR SDRAM bank switching will help.

    Thanking you in Advace.

    Abdul K Shaik, Aug 9, 2003
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  2. Abdul K Shaik

    David Jones Guest

    Depends on the timing.
    All ways of asking the same thing. Yes and yes.
    If you are doing a burst of 8, then it's pretty hard to not meet.

    If you are doing a read burst of 2, then it's also hard to not meet, due to
    CAS latency.

    If you are doing a write burst of 2 to an open bank then it could be possible
    to get that off within the precharge time of bank A, which is typically
    2-3 clocks.
    The JEDEC spec is available for download at www.jedec.org. You will need
    to register with login ID and password, but this won't cost you anything.
    David Jones, Aug 9, 2003
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