Design questions: VB6 COM with ASP.NET



I recently undertook a project to convert a visual basic 6 application
to an online application. The business logic of the visual
basic 6 program was written into a DLL. Where the problem arises is
the DLL in created in vb6 needs persist in memory as one object, just
like it would be used on a stand alone vb6 client app. The DLL holds
onto collections of data and other objects that are used again and
again throughout the applications life. One design idea was to
instantiate this DLL using late bounding and hold it in a session
variable. I know this would be problematic though because I would
then have a STA component in a multithreaded apartment environment.
Another way would be to simply import/convert the vb6 code into my app, although version control between the two applications
would be harder to maintain. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Kevin Spencer

Save yourself a lot of trouble, and rewrite the OCM to a .Net assembly.

Kevin Spencer
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