disable mouse scroll wheel > prevent problem with dropdown




If on an asp.net page the user has just selected a value in a dropdownlist
and scrolls with the wheel of his mouse, the selected value of the
dropdownlist will change.

How could I avoid this.

So how could I disable the mouse scrolling that dropdownlist.
Or how could I disable the mouse-scroll on those pages.
all other ideas are welcome.

Thx for help,



Kevin Spencer

Forget azbout disabling the behavior of the mouse. The browser just doesn't
have that kind of clout. If you're really concerned (this is the default
behavior of a mouse), you can use JavaScript to remove the focus from the
select object (dropdown list). The mouse scrolls the list because the select
object has the focus, and that is how the select object is designed to
behave when the mouse scrolls.

Kevin Spencer
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