<div> tags disappearing




I created a seating chart with <div> tags and CSS. The users will come
in and select the table they want and make a reservation. I used CSS
to position all of the tables. Everything worked fine on my
development box and our test server. When I moved it to our production
server, which is being hosted offsite, some of the div tags randomly
disappear and come back when you click the page gets posted back. I
can only reproduce this problem on the production server and not
anywhere else.

Test Server: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition sp2

Production Server: Windows Server 2003 Web Edition sp1

One thing that I know for sure that is different about the production
server is that it hasn't been updated with the latest updates since
5/06 (It doesn't have sp2 on it). I am working on getting it updated
in the next day or two but I wanted to make sure that the problem is
not in my CSS. I have to go live next week so I need to cover all of
my bases.

When I look at the page in Opera no div tags seem to disappear in (but
there are other positioning issues with Opera). I am only interested
in getting it to work for IE 6,7 (5 would be nice) right now. When I
look at the source for the webpage with the developer toolbar all the
tags are there!?! I can't figure it out. Also when I login to the
production server and open IE and go to the website it also works
fine. What is going on?

Here is the link to the webpage on the production server:


The problem only occurs usually after you clicked a table or button
after a few times. Scroll down to check and see if all 189 tables are

Any help is appreciated.






Apparently this is know as the "peek-a-boo" bug in IE. Adding "height:
1%;" to the style of one of the parent <div> tags solved it.


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