DropDownList reset itself


Cal Who

I have a DropDownList.
When I click on an item in the dropped down box I see that item for an
instance in the text box and then the text changes so that item 2 is always

I don't believe it is not my code-behind because I've commented most of it
out and have a break point in the load event that initializes the box.

I have autopostback set to true and know it does post back.

That is probably where the change takes place but I don't know how to stop
the change or even why it is changing.

I'm guessing that the view state refers to the state of the box before the
click occured.

Got any suggestions?




Andrew Morton

Mark said:
Sounds like you're populating the DropDownList in the Page_Load
event. If so, try moving the code which does the populating into the
Page_Init event.

Either that or check if the page is a postback:

sub page_load(...) handles ....
if not(page.ispostback) then
' initialize dropdown(s)
end if
end sub


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