forms authentication and roles

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Phil Townsend, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. I am integrating forms authentication in a web app which authenticates
    users who are listed in a SQL Server table. There will be a small list
    of application roles associated with each user and I would like to store
    this list of roles in SQL as well. How would one go about this? Thanks!
    Phil Townsend, Oct 27, 2004
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  2. Phil Townsend

    nicholas Guest

    nicholas, Oct 27, 2004
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  3. Phil Townsend

    Saravana Guest

    Saravana, Oct 27, 2004
  4. Let me throw another URL into the pot:

    Role-Based Authorization With Forms Authentication

    Happy Programming!


    Scott Mitchell

    * When you think ASP.NET, think!
    Scott Mitchell [MVP], Oct 27, 2004
  5. Mark,Nicholas

    Both of these articles were a big help, thanks!

    I have one further question: if a user is successfully logged, but only
    has access to certain directories, and tries to access a forbidden
    directory, he is redirected back to the login screen. I would like to
    change this so that attempts to access directories without credentials
    are answered with a message rather than being redirected back to the
    login screen. Thanks again...
    Phil Townsend, Oct 27, 2004
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