Forms Authentication going back to previous page

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by tshad, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. tshad

    tshad Guest

    I have a logon page that is getting the previous page in its return URL
    ("logon.aspx?returnURL=A.aspx") where A.aspx is the page that called B.aspx.
    It should have B.aspx.

    I am calling B.aspx using server.transfer. Could this be causing a problem?


    tshad, Jan 31, 2005
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  2. Steve C. Orr [MVP, MCSD], Jan 31, 2005
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  3. tshad

    tshad Guest

    That doesn't seem to be my problem. This was working fine before, not sure
    what I did to mess it up.

    I think I partially figured out what is happening.

    I have pages A, B and C and a logon page.

    Page A calls B (server.transfer("B"))

    This should have went to logon as I have forms authentication on. But it
    doesn't and I don't have as a Location in my web.config file.

    Page B calls C (server.transfer("C")) and gets the logon page with B as the
    returnURL (should have been C).

    tshad, Jan 31, 2005
  4. Try using Response.Redirect instead of Server.Transfer and see if that fixes
    Steve C. Orr [MVP, MCSD], Feb 1, 2005
  5. tshad

    tshad Guest

    It did.

    I was just reading up on it and it says that Server.Transfer keeps the old
    URL and I assume that was why the returnURL had that page in it.

    This would be a problem, then, if we are concerned with security as we have
    a timeout and expect that if a person waits too long and goes to the next
    page and had used Server.Redirect, it would go to the wrong page.

    I was trying to use Server.Transfer as it was supposed to save resource, but
    this would be a drawback.


    tshad, Feb 1, 2005
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