Framework or sample site for SaaS model?


Mike Cain

Hi all! I'm looking to offer a software product using the SaaS model. This
of course will require that I build a web site where customers can sign up,
log in, manage their membership and billing options, and of course use the
software over the web.

Can someone recommend a good sample site or other type of site framework
that I can use to quickly build out the software infrastructure for this

In other words, I'm sure things like member sign up, log in, adding/editing
account/billing details and all that typical account/user management stuff
are common elements of web sites these days, especially those that use a
SaaS model. I'd rather not reinvent the wheel. Of course the portion of
the site where I deliver my software as a service would be unique. But many
of the other functions are common and I prefer to leverage existing code as
much as possible.

I've read about DotNetDuke which sounds like it could work somewhat, but it
also sounds more like a content management system. I really am not
interested in a CMS type of site. Mainly I just want to build out the
infrastucture parts of the web site (as mentioned above) using as many
pre-made parts as possible.

Can someone please point me to some resources for this? Commercial solutions
are fine too.


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