Discussion in 'Python' started by castironpi, May 15, 2008.

  1. castironpi

    castironpi Guest

    Hail, Earthlings,

    I have an easy request to take over the newsgroup ("Taking Over the
    Newsgroup", "TOTN"). May I?

    Lifetime benefits
    Google product
    World domination
    No crossing
    Social aspect*

    Read the fine print:

    *Social: Subscribers to TOTN may come talking, telling jokes, and
    laughing loudly. Neighbors subject to smiling. Vikings prone to

    Settings include autovoltic, board, and charm. Dimensions include 4.
    Restrictions apply. States may vary. Void where prohibited. People
    include the living. Times include eternity. Toys include Legos.

    Assume screen is two-dimensions and audio stereo; what are building
    Legos? Assume digital.
    castironpi, May 15, 2008
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