Help me with ur ideas for this project plz!!!

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by s.subbarayan, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. s.subbarayan

    s.subbarayan Guest

    Dear all,
    I am not looking at this query from a C standard perspective,looking
    for some tips from application perspective of how this can be
    implemented in C.I am sorry if this group is not the right target for
    this query,in which case,I need your direction for the right target
    group for seeking help.

    Can some one give me sample programs or links for creating a C program
    which will summarize a given word document based on fractal
    summarization and print the output to the monitor screen?Or even other
    methods to summarize a document may also help me.I will be greatful if
    its fractal.

    The objective is I will pass the word document to be summarised and
    the out put should be a summarised version of the document fed in as

    I am new to this type of programs so need some help from you all.
    Advanced thanks for all your replys,
    s.subbarayan, Aug 20, 2004
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  2. I think your best chances reside in The clue is "give me sample programs". We just don't do that

    Since we know the language well here, some of us just may not
    know the following terms, which you will have to define:

    1. "Summarize a give word document"
    How do you define "word document"?
    A document of words?
    A document in MS Word format?
    A document in some other format?
    What is the layout of the summary?
    What needs to be summarized (words, phrases, etc.)?

    2. [My favorite] "fractal summarization"
    I know what fractals are, but how are you associating
    fractal algorithms with summarization?
    Or perhaps I have a different meaning.

    3. "monitor screen"
    Monitor screens are completely platform and O.S. dependent.
    So, what OS and platform are you running?
    You will need help from newsgroups about your platform and
    compiler for help on this issue.

    See also:

    Thomas Matthews

    C++ newsgroup welcome message:
    C++ Faq:
    C Faq:
    alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ faq:
    Other sites: -- C++ STL Library book
    Thomas Matthews, Aug 20, 2004
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  3. s.subbarayan

    Malcolm Guest

    The question about how to implement a given program in C is not inherently
    off-topic, but we only deal with language issues here. From your summary,
    the use of the C language itself doesn't appear to be a problem, but the
    choice of algorithm, which is a topic for comp.programming.
    What is a "fractal summarisation"? Do you mean you want to treat the
    document as an image, and then apply Beardsley's fractal compression method?
    In that case unfortunately the method is vastly complicated, and if you
    don't even know how to dump an image to the screen (in Windows, by using the
    Microsoft API to open a window of the right size, and then plotting pixels
    to it) then it will almost certainly be too advanced for you.

    However there are other ways of compressing (reducing memory use) data, such
    as dictionary compression, Huffman compression, and, for images, JPEG
    compression. You might want to investigate those.

    If by "summarise" you don't mean "compress" then you will have to say what
    you mean. I appreciate that English might not be your first language but use
    of the term to mean "compress" is incorrect and will only confuse.
    That shouldn't be a problem. Your basic program can be written in ANSI C,
    taking the name of the input document on the command line and writing the
    output to a file also passed in by the user. Only the display needs to be
    Malcolm, Aug 20, 2004
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