How Emulate Access Data Grid in Java, DHTML?


Skinny Guy

I really want to use a Java, DHTML solution vs a Microsoft ASP.NET

Can anyone help give me ideas how to emulate an access data grid that
users can edit and insert new records. The only thing I can think of
is doing a html table with onclick events for each row that popup in a
new windows allowing user to edit for that row, they submit, then it
closes the popup and refreshes the main screen. As for insert can add
a blank row at the bottom of the html table. If they click that, it
pops up a similar window only for inserting.

I think maybe its possible for some DHTML guru, to for each row in the
grid (only a few), prebuild a css layer which if they click on the
row, reveals the hidden layer for that record and allows them to enter
data into fields and submit to update. Each row would have its own
hidden layer update form.