how to ignore postback data in particular situations



Hi everybody,

Imagine the following scenario:
One System.Web.UI.UserControl (UC1) with 2 drop downs and one button
One Webform with (UC1) and a GridView, basically the UC1 provides the
options to the user to restrict (filter) the grid.

The user changes the drop downs and then uses the Filter button to
filter data (grid) that is the correct behavior.
Now imagine that the user plays with the dropdowns, but he doesn't
want to apply the filter and after he chooses to walk to a different
page, that action will cause a postback of data, and the dropdown
selections will be effective applied due to be changed by a previous
use in the interface.

The question is how can i avoid the postback (or ignore it) when
postback is not fired due to the action of the "Fire" button ?

I think the solution probably need to be client side, because it's not
a problem of the grid filtering data based in the options, but also a
visual consistency, when you do a postback and the page is rendered to
the client the drop downs should reflect the filter applied.

Any ideas, thoughts ....

Thanks all for reading.


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