intellisense not working


David C

I have in the ASP.NET appliction have a reference to a class library.

While intellisense is not working for any of the classes in the class
library. I just get the four from the object class (Equals, GetHashCode,
GetType, ToString). Any ideas? I've never seen this happen so
consistently. Rebooting does not help...

As a side note, I ended up rebuilding the whole machine after having so much
trouble since installing Service Pack 2. The OS and VS.NET are fresh
installs. But now this.... This is extremely demoralizing and I have no
energy left to curse at Microsoft any more.

Hey Mr. Gates, you win. I lose. I concede defeat. You rock. You are a
God. Are you happy now?




Whare are you access modifiers in the referneced assembly? Public , Private
, Protected?? Your class library may not be visible to other classes because
of this.



William F. Robertson, Jr.

And if you are coding in C# you should take advantage of the xml feature for
intellisense. You can add all sorts of goodies in the intellisense window.

Right click on the project in your solution explorer. Go to properties.

Under the "Configuration Properties" you will see "Build"
Now in the big window on the right you will see XML Documenation File. Give
this a filename and you will have a nice little xml file.

/// <summary>
/// This start something.
/// </summary>
///<param name="name">The name of the user</name>
/// <returns>The total number of operations started by this
public int Start( string name );

Just put the outputted xml file into the same directory you are referencing
your dll from. This might not at all being what you want to do, so if it
isn't a private/public thing, I don't have any idea.

Also, I seriously doubt Bill Gates typed a single line of code for studio.
I used to rail him for the designer/html switch code mangling problem for apps. Now I rail the coders / project managers for the project.
And hope like hell they get it fixed and add some bonuses for putting up
with it. If you haven't seen Whidbey, they seemed to do just that.