Internet - Take Advantage of Multiple Windows When Surfing


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Internet - Take Advantage of Multiple Windows When Surfing

SUMMARY: Stop jumping back and forth between index pages by using several
browser windows.

Why use one web browser window when you can have multiple? If you have an
adequate amount of memory, open up several web browsers to maximize your
surfing experience.
One great way to do this is via a start page. Select a page from where you
would like to begin browsing, such as a table of contents or links page.
Now, instead of left-clicking on links or entries to view other pages,
right-click the links. From the pop-up menu that appears, look for something
like "Open in New Window" or "Browse in New Window." This starts up another
web browser window with the link you selected, keeping the original page on
the screen. has you a browser application which gives the experience of
multi window surfing
simultaneously, and also increases the internet browsing speed.


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