Is it possible to add a PostedFile to Session

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Jgold7, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Jgold7

    Jgold7 Guest

    Don't know if this is in the right group, but here goes:

    I am working with a website that I am selecting files to be uploaded on one page (ex. UploadAttachment.aspx) and I need to retrieve those file on another page (ex. SubmitPage.aspx) and send them to an Imaging application called ImageRight. I was hoping that I could grab the PostedFiles from the UploadAttachment page, add them to an ArrayList, then send that ArrayList into Session, where I could loop thru upon Submit sending each of the files to the Imaging App. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like PostedFile is Serializable, as I am using a StateServer for my Session State. Any ideas as to how I can resolve my issue?

    Space may become an issue, so I don't know if PostedFile.SaveAs (saving it to the server) would be a suitable solution. If there are any other ways to accomplish this, I would be most grateful.


    Jgold7, Jan 9, 2006
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  2. Jgold7

    Remy Guest

    Below some code that shows how to load the file into a byte buffer.
    as this might get very big. I store the file into a blog in the db.
    Works good.

    protected HtmlInputFile fileTextFileUpload;

    if(( fileTextFileUpload.PostedFile != null ) &&
    (fileTextFileUpload.Value.Length > 0))
    int wordCount = 0;

    // Get a reference to PostedFile object
    HttpPostedFile myFile = fileTextFileUpload.PostedFile;

    string contentType = myFile.ContentType;

    // Get size of uploaded file
    int nFileLen = myFile.ContentLength;

    // Allocate a buffer for reading of the file
    byte[] fileBuffer = new byte[nFileLen];

    // Read uploaded file from the Stream
    myFile.InputStream.Read(fileBuffer, 0, nFileLen);

    string[] pathParts = myFile.FileName.Split(new
    string fileName = pathParts[pathParts.Length - 1];

    //save the file in the db and get the id for the row
    long taskID = SaveFile(fileName, ref fileBuffer,
    contentType, nFileLen, wordCount);

    //Response.Write("File was NOT sent<BR>");

    Remy Blaettler
    Remy, Jan 9, 2006
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