JOP VHDL simulation

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by Martin Schoeberl, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. VHDL level simulation of JOP is now available ;-)

    The actual version of JOP at the usual download page
    now contains (hopefully) all necessary file to run a
    simulation with ModelSim or a different VHDL

    In directory vhdl/simulation you will find:

    * A test bench: tb_jop.vhd with a serial receiver to print out
    the messages from JOP during the simulation
    * Simulation versions of all memory components (vendor neutral)
    * Simulation of the main memory

    In directory modelsim you will find a small batch file (sim.bat) that compiles
    JOP and the test bench in the correct order and starts ModelSim.

    A (very) simple step-by-step introduction can be found at:

    It would be nice if somebody can try the simulation to check whether all scripts
    and directories are correctly set.

    Cheers and thanks for checking it out ;-),
    Martin Schoeberl, Feb 20, 2005
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  2. VHDL level simulation of JOP is now available ;-)
    I've added a simulation version of the uart module (sim_uart.vhd)
    to speed-up the simulation a little bit. It's too monotonous to watch
    the simulation generating the output at 115kbaud ;-)

    Martin Schoeberl, Feb 21, 2005
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