Line Chart in ASP.NET and C#


Bruce Schechter

I need to generate a series of line charts dynamically from ADO.NET data in
a C#, ASP.NET application. I've read several articles about using GDI+ to
render graphs into a bitmap image and then to place those images within an
..aspx page. If necessary, I'll do all the hand-coding in that way. But I'd
rather not. :)

On the contrary, I'm posting here to see if anyone can recommend either (1)
a readily- available, free, custom control to handle line graphs, or (2) a
link to
some a quality example of code to handle line charts. By "line
graphs", I mean graphs that have time (dates) on the X axis and several
color-coded lines of datapoints plotted on the Y axis. I need it to look
roughly like this example:

I posted a similar request here several weeks ago. A couple people made
1.) "check out theVB.NET Resource Kit" -- doesnt work for me as I don't
speak VB. Only C#.
2.) "charting starter kit at" -- doesn't seem to contain a line

Thanks in advance for any other recommendations!!

Cheers, Bruce



George Durzi

Email me on Monday. I have something at work which I think would work for


Jacob Yang [MSFT]

Hi Gruce,

Firstly I want to thank George for his great help in this issue. Have you
contacted him?

In addition, I have done a lot of research regarding this issue. I am not
sure if there is such a third-part custom control, which can serve your
line chart. However, I found such an article on MSDN

I hope it helps.

Best regards,

Jacob Yang
Microsoft Online Partner Support
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Bruce Schechter

Hi Jacob,

Yes, indeed I have traded emails with George. He may have something to
help, and I am awaiting another update from him.

Thanks for the article link. That was a very clever solution for stacked
bar charts based on dynamically drawn HTML table structures, but I don't see
a way to use the technique for line charts.

So, I'm still looking. But within a couple weeks I will commence designing
the solution myself if an off-the-shelf (free!) solution isn't out there

Thanks again,
cheers, Bruce




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