line graphs via ASP.NET


Bruce Schechter

I need to generate a series of line charts dynamically from ADO.NET data in
an ASP.NET application. I've read several articles about using GDI+ to
render graphs into a bitmap image and then to place those images within an
..aspx page. If necessary, I'll do all the hand-coding in that way. But I'd
rather not. :)

On the contrary, I'm posting here to see if anyone can recommend either (1)
a readily available custom control to handle line graphs, or (2) a link to
some good quality example code specifically to handle line charts. By "line
graphs", I mean graphs that have time (dates) on the X axis and several
color-coded lines of datapoints plotted on the Y axis. I need it to look
roughly like this example:

I know that I could purchase a custom control solution, but I don't have the
budget for it in this case.

Thanks for any recommendations,
Cheers, Bruce




VB.NET Resource Kit comes with Componentone ASP.NET Webchart, updated through Q3 2003. Although this won't directly bind to ADO.NET datasource, it is easy to accomodate. It can handle pretty complicated line charts.



John Timney \(Microsoft MVP\)

have you looked at the charting starter kit at


John Timney (Microsoft ASP.NET MVP)
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ISBN: 1861005547
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