mod-python on Mac OSX 10.5

Discussion in 'Python' started by Gnarlodious, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Gnarlodious

    Gnarlodious Guest

    I am trying to install mod_python on OSX 10.5, Intel version.

    sudo apachectl configtest tells me this:

    httpd: Syntax error on line 114 of /private/etc/apache2/httpd.conf:
    Cannot load /usr/libexec/apache2/ into server:
    dlopen(/usr/libexec/apache2/, 10): no suitable image
    found. Did find:\n\t/usr/libexec/apache2/ mach-o, but
    wrong architecture

    I attempted to follow instructions found on these pages but it didn't work:




    anyone tell me what is causing this error?

    -- Gnarlie
    Gnarlodious, Jan 8, 2008
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  2. (Sorry no time to read the references you provide)

    This is because httpd is running in 64 bits (arch x86_64) but is only 32 bits by default. You need to modify this.
    what I did was:

    make the following changes to src/Makefile:
    * Add -arch x86_64 to the LDFLAGS line
    * Change the build line in to:
    $(APXS) $(INCLUDES) -c -Wc,"-arch x86_64" $(SRCS) $(LDFLAGS) $

    Now that I look at this, I don' know if both are necessary... But it
    worked for me.

    There was a discussion to the mod_python mailing list in october 2007:
    Arnaud Delobelle, Jan 8, 2008
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