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Discussion in 'XML' started by Cat, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. Cat

    Cat Guest

    Hi, I'm new to XML and I need a couple of very vague question
    answered... I know how everyone loves those. I need to get a feel fo
    what I will have to do to build a website that requests and gets
    response through a link using html. Now I know the linking works it'
    a system already in place however their documentation leaves somethin
    to be desired.. alot to be desired. The format the requests are in i
    x is the id particular to me
    y is the type of request
    z would look something like this: <SessionReques

    What I need to know is:

    Do I use xml tags to display the information that's returned to me?
    They're pretty unclear about how it goes on their end but I'm assumin
    that they have a similar link on their side that comes to me. The
    tell me that I will recieve the information in xml format and the
    display an example of it using specific xml tags so I assume that I ca
    just use those tags in data islands(think I have that term correct) i
    html to display the results.

    The other important question is can I use javascript to access for
    data, put it in variables and then insert them in that xml string t
    send it to them? I'd probably write the entire string into
    javascript variable and make "z" that variable if I can insert it lik

    It would be absolutely lovely if I could transfer the information i
    the xml tags back into javascript variables once it's returned but I'
    having a hard time finding anything about xml and javascript, just AS
    and VB but the server I will be using is UNIX and not capable o
    running ASP.

    Anything anyone can tell me as well as any web resources that have thi
    specific information or reference books that deal with informatio
    transfer with xml or frankly anything that will tell me if I can d
    this myself in a reasonable amount of time is much appreciated.


    Cat, Jan 21, 2004
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