Problem accessing shared assembly in GAC

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by John Holmes, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. John Holmes

    John Holmes Guest

    I have created a shared assembly (ctrl1.dll) with a strong name and added it
    to the GAC on a development webserver, devweb, and it's dependent dll
    (dep1.dll) which has also been added to the GAC . I located the dlls on the
    C: drive on devweb (C:\Program Files\Common Files\MyAssemblies).

    I'm developing on a different machine, mydev. My project is located on the
    webserver, devweb. So I do a File/Open/Project from web to open my web
    project. I have also added the shared assemblies to the GAC on mydev
    pointing to the same location on the C drive of mydev (C:\Program
    Files\Common Files\MyAssemblies) and added the path to the registry key on
    mydev so that I can see it in my listbox of references.

    I added a reference to ctrl1.dll initially and set Copy Local = True and
    everything worked fine. When I set this to false it doesn't find the
    ctrl1.dll. It should find it in the GAC is what I'm thinking, but it
    doesn't. I'd prefer to not have to include this dll in every applications
    bin directory, that's why I want to use the GAC.

    Please help.


    John Holmes
    Skagit County
    John Holmes, Jun 16, 2004
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