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Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Robert Isaacs, Apr 8, 2005.

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    I am having a strange problem on one of my desktop machines trying to
    update the list of rubygems, or indeed, to install any remote gems.
    When I try to execute the command: "gem update -r" on the machine, I get
    the following message:
    Upgrading installed gems...
    Updating Gem source index for:
    and it freezes there forever.
    One other interesting fact that might be useful is that wget also fails
    on this desktop as well. It times out on *sending* the http request.
    Granted, I know this fact might make this problem non ruby specific but
    I think it only started happening after I installed ruby on cygwin. I
    also installed Ruby with the windows installer. I tried to remove
    cygwin and reinstall it... all to no avail.
    I'd really like to do some development on this machine, so any help is
    Thanks in advance!
    Robert Isaacs

    Robert Isaacs, Apr 8, 2005
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