Re: Stopping a loop with user input. in curses

Discussion in 'Python' started by Raymond Arthur St. Marie II of III, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. ALEX wrote
    Ray says>> not really the same problem.
    Last time you couldn't stop the function.
    This time you couldn't get it to display with out a key press.
    You see that right? : )
    Ray says>> But did it quit or close when you would hit 'q',
    just curious.
    wait I know it did 'cuz' it does now - stupid question.Sorry.
    Ray says>> Good to know because the
    only curses I get to work with are the
    ones I use when I am having a frusrtating
    problem like you were facing. : )
    Ray says >> Hi Alex

    You got your answer to the second part of the problem from--

    From: "Dr. Peer Griebel"

    Credit where credit is due !

    Thank you Doctor, and thank you Alex.
    You both taught me that...

    if you don't HAVE half the answer then you don't haLve the answer.

    Get it.
    cut in halves by a big L---ooser --> me.
    little pun there sorry
    i will shut up now.

    No wait a minute Yes
    Yes if you don't haLve the answer then
    keep breaking it down till ya do.
    Thats it I think

    Ray St. Marie

    HA = Half Answer (problem???)
    L = link
    VE = Very Easy
    I'm hurting my self.
    In Python there are no real problems, are there?? Just bad posts!
    Raymond Arthur St. Marie II of III, Jul 22, 2003
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  2. Raymond Arthur St. Marie II of III

    Alex Guest

    Ray says >> Hi Alex
    I certainly didn't want to take anything away from the good doctor.
    He not only helped me solve the problem, but pointed me towards a
    very interesting module that I might have otherwise overlooked.

    I've got to say that the amount of modules in Python is completely
    mind-boggling. I'm sure many people have written convoluted
    functions that could probably have been replaced by simple "from
    module import function" command.

    I guess python isn't only about learning the proper syntax and such,
    it's also about learning about all of the modules out there.

    .... Lord, what have I gotten myself into... :)

    Thank the gods that there are places like this newsgroup and the
    [Tutor] mailing list. I have to say that I'm super impressed with
    the sort of community the Python programming language has. Everyone
    is really very helpful.

    ....and I was simply confused earlier when I said I had posted to
    another Ray. For some reason, one of your posts showed up as
    "author: Chatralias".

    Alex, Jul 23, 2003
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