Remote Site Replication, directory browsing, and default.aspx


Tim Smith

Dear All,

Uncovered a problem with a home grown site replicator. We have directory
browsing enabled to allow our remote clients to "dynamically discover" new
files/directories (sites) we have deployed.

As it turns out, some application groups are using our tool as a way to
transfer dump files from our datawarehouse. Everything has been working

However, we just recently added a default.aspx to the root directory to
allow end-users to navigate these directories in an easier way
(user-friendly names, etc). As a result, we broke some of the processes
that use our site to replicate dump files.

It seems that they cannot list the directories anymore (they can still do an
explicit GET of known files). Is there a setting and/or workaround for this
issue? Is there anyway I can have my cake and eat it too? That is, can I
have directory browsing enabled for some and a default page for others?