RewritePath question


Jiho Han

I have a web form that goes from an insert mode to an edit mode.
The two modes will have each, different url such as:

(edit) edit.aspx?id=123


(insert) edit.aspx?parentid=135&type=6

The goal is to have the form post with the (edit) url once the form in
(insert) mode posts back and successfully committed.

Response.Redirect is easy but it requires the browser to reload but more
importantly, some client side action using javascripts cannot be performed
because now you can't register any client scripts to the page.
The client action that needs to be performed is something simple as
refreshing/notifying the parent(opener) of the web form.

I was researching for possible solutions and came upon RewritePath method.
Even if this is not what I am looking for, can some explain exactly what it
does and whether it has any effect on the client browser?

Furthermore, what are some of the options I can employ?
Thanks so much.
Jiho Han