Setting CrystalReportViewer's ReportSource to a remote file


Shannon Cayze

Hello all,

I'm having trouble using a CrystalReportViewer when I set the
ReportSource property to a file on another server. When I do this, I
get a "Load report failed" exception. I've learned how to use
impersonation, and can do anything with the source file I want,
including moving or deleting it. So I know it's not a security issue,
but when I set the same file to be the ReportSource of the viewer, I
get the exception above. I've gotten around it by calling File.Copy()
to move it to the local machine, using the ReportSource from there,
and then calling File.Delete(), but I don't want to do it this way.
Can anyone tell me why this won't work?

Thanks in advance,