Sign in using https becomes anonymous for pages using http


Rujuta Gandhi

Hi All,

I am facing a very crucial problem. Im developing a web application
using .net studio 2005(beta).

I want my Login.aspx page to be secured(https) for encrypted login
information transfer. I modified web.config and properties of Login page
from IIS server. And now when ever the execution is redirected to Login.aspx
It is having https as its protocol.

After user completes login process, his name is hown in title bar and I
get this name from Profile class of .net. . I have used inbuilt login, login
status controls of .net for the same. And in pages with http it shows that
no user has logged in and in pages using https it shows that user has
logged in.

The problem is that even after user has logged in, his Profile does not
get loaded for pages using simple http protocol and when I go to 'Update
profile' Page which is also using https, the name is visible there, means
the user's Profile is loaded for this page.

It seems in this way that the profile gets loaded for only pages using
https protocol and pages using http protocol it is not loaded.I want to
solve this problem. as user has logged in once either usinf http or https,
his Profile should b visible to both kind of protocols. And when I was using
simple http protocol for Login.aspx, this was working in correct way.

Can anyone suggest something to solve it or even why it is behaving so.

Thanking in advance

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