Simple aggregation using xquery

Discussion in 'XML' started by Suma, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Suma

    Suma Guest

    I dont know xquery , so i was thinking someone in the forum will help
    me out with this easy question

    Suppose I have an instance document given below
    <Author Name='Alice' NumberOfBooks = '1'>
    <Author Name='Bob' NumberOfBooks = '4'>
    <Author Name='Collin' NumberOfBooks = '3'>
    <Author Name='David' NumberOfBooks = '2'>

    Is there a way i can get the total number of books published by all
    authors using a single xquery statement. (similiar to say SQL - select
    sum(col) semantics)

    What i DO NOT WANT to do is gettting all the nodes and doing the sum
    at the client/my application. I would rather have the XML engine handle
    the aggregation

    Suma, Jul 24, 2006
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  2. Suma

    SL Guest

    "Suma" a écrit :
    SL, Jul 24, 2006
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  3. Suma

    Suma Guest

    Great thanks
    Now what if i need to do a aggregate over groups?
    My repro was simpler than what i intend to do
    <Author ="Alice" Attrib="1">
    <Author ="Alice" Attrib="2">
    <Author ="Bob" Attrib="3">
    <Author ="Bob" Attrib="4">

    I need to return
    Alice 3
    Bob 7
    so on
    Suma, Jul 24, 2006
  4. Suma

    SL Guest

    "Suma" a écrit :
    This is not well-formed XML. I assume you have:
    <Author name="Bob" Attrib="4">
    It is an XPath issue :


    If you want to loop over all possible names, XQuery provide many
    functionnalities, such as the so-called "Flower expression":

    for $author in Book/Author/@name

    (I havn't practiced XQuery for some time, and this is not tested!)
    SL, Jul 24, 2006
  5. Suma

    SL Guest


    - for $author in Book/Author/@name
    + for $author in /Book/Author/@name
    - <nbrOfBooks>{sum(/Root/Author[@name=$author]/@Attrib)}</nbrOfBooks>
    + <nbrOfBooks>{sum(/Book/Author[@name=$author]/@Attrib)}</nbrOfBooks>
    SL, Jul 24, 2006
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