.. so the mosques were gassed.

Discussion in 'VHDL' started by UnbaisedJustice, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. Assalam u'Alekum all,
    (Early 1991) As I said that after that pipe incident a lot of things started changing around me. I used to go to pray fujur every day on time, and _sometime_ would kind of cry to, the Israelis noted it and started keeping me under observation. So then came the time when sometime after we would finish prayer or start prayer, there would some kind of rusty iron like smell in the mosque. After breathing whatever this thing was, I and some others would get flu, pain in the neck, Jaw or sometimes some kind of pimples of so inside our neck, as I used to feel pain in my neck whenever I swallowed anything. Similar kind of gas was sprayed at me a few days back.

    On the other hand these Israelis would make stories that _xyz_ man got somekind of neck cancer and it requires operation. Things did not really end here, I used to go buy candies from a local shop and sometimes a drink or two (you know baby/junk food). So over their one Jewish man was sometimes present to investigate what I like and think. He used to order the shop keeper to give me some _special_ kind of coke or sprite, when ever I drank those special drinks I would instantly get flu, my hands would get cold and every time a few hours later after this water like flu, some kind of black clusters started coming out of my nose.

    This local shop keeper knew our family so he told my grand parents that he can't do much as other wise Israelis would give this to his children, so my parents completely stopped me from going out.

    May God free the Muslims and give the ability to stand up against those Hayenas who attack everyone from the back and call other races with names like mice and mosquitos. May God bring unbaised justice and truth back to this world soon and free us all. May God give Muslims the ability to real, honest, truthful Muslim than just a mediocre religious group.

    See how Jews destroyed my body using bio & chemical weapons

    download the Animatrix animations from

    People why can't these jews confront me, why are they running away,
    what have they got to hide, I have seen how entire Muslims Ummah was
    forced to do unlawful things or else was treated as mice for bio and
    chem tests, people isn't justice our right too, was I born so Jews can
    treat me like slave and use me as testing ground for bio and chem

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    UnbaisedJustice, Jun 30, 2003
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